MobSquad Sportfishing.. 
 We offers fishing trips, not boat rides. While we cannot make the fish bite, we surely can do everything in our power to give you the best opportunities at reeling them in. Our charter has three goals on every trip: 1) have a good time 2) catch fish and 3) bring you home safe. Whether you are a beginner or a master angler, our charters will shape to fit your experience and need level. There’s enough fish in the sea to go around—and to fill our boxes! Filling boxes for table fare is what our trips are all about.        

Our boats hit the water as early as May and we stay in the water as long as possible. Our boats hit the hard around October—weather permitting. In mid-July, the water warms up, bringing the mahi inshore. We have a team on the water that works together keeping track of the fish and the bite.       

All our trips include up to four people. While this may seem like a small number, we strive to give you the best personal experience as possible. We keep our groups small to provide the attention our clients deserve. Small groups also allow for more fish per person on deck and shows to provide a more enjoyable experience overall compared to large groups.             

Yes, there are many options when it comes to fishing, especially when you are right on the beach. MobSquad Sportfishing provides you with easy and flexible booking, a group of hardworking captains and mates, and people who put you in the forefront of our focus. Safety is number one and we will make sure conditions are right to bring you home safe. Our crew not only wants you to be successful on our boats, but we want you to go home with some meat for the freezer to share with friends and family (or keep for yourself because it’s THAT good).          

We pride ourselves in the wholesome family-oriented business that we are. Not only is one of your future captains Nick Sampson, but you might even find yourself onboard with his daughter, USCG master captain Harley or USCG master captain Todd. On board with captain Nick, you’ll also probably see his son and first-mate Beau. Other crew members on board are friends that have turned family, with tons of knowledge and experience to set you up for the best experience possible. Clients even become friends and family because when you book one, you’re almost guaranteed to want to come fish with us again!